Jade Val’s Kemetic Orthodox Box Shrine

Jade Val’s Box Shrine. Ready for use.

(Jade Val is Kemetic Orthodox- here’s a summary page if you’re not familiar with this path or the terms she uses.)

Without being biased this is the best type of shrine to start off at, as a Beginner or Remetj. It contains all the requirements for senut (box/cabinet, white linen, two bowls, candle, incense and natron) with enough room to dedicate the shrine to a Name of Netjer.

The other shrines contain multiple bowls, plants, statues and other items, so why doesn’t mine? As a Remetj I have not undertaken the Ritual Parent Divination (RPD) and use the opportunity to spend time with Netjer as a whole rather than concentrating on individual Names as of yet. This is very much recommended to members who are new to senut and Kemetic Orthodoxy.

Shrine essentials packed in their box

As you can see my shrine is in a form of a box, rather than an altar or cabinet. This is because space is very limited in my flat and there is nowhere to put a permanent shrine without it being in a heavy traffic area. I created a ‘travel shrine’ which means the shrine is still contained but I can open it up either in the lounge or the bedroom (as far away from the bed as possible). Another reason why my shrine looks minimalistic is the box dictates what I can use during senut, but it has enough room to add a statue or two after I have undergone RPD.

It is a very new shrine and it reflects who I am. I love the red tea-light candle holder and the glass bowls work well in any shrine, especially when I add items to it or when I’m able to create a permanent shrine. I also love the floral design on my box which was originally used to store my cross stitching.

It’s good to remember that shrines do not have to be expensive. If like me you are on a tight budget it’s important to get items for your shrine that are functional yet affordable. The bowls came in a pack of 6 and cost £2 ($3), the candles came in a bag of 100 and cost £1 ($1.50) and the incense and incense holder came to just under £3 ($4.50).

If you have any questions regarding my shrine then feel free to ask me.

The Shrine Box

Jade (London)

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