Barrack-Shrine to Freyr by Thengill Goðr Freyrsson


How do you use this sacred space?

I have only just recently set this shrine up. I bought the base wood plate from TheHeritageTree on; it is a 1/4” thick, 15” long, seasoned piece of Walnut. The Cernnunos statue I gathered from my darling wife (We both prefer the Cernnunos statues over most, if not all, interpretations of Freyr when it comes to statues. Most creators make Freyr to look quite silly). The bag on the altar has my own personal runes in it. The Rowan Berries are unfortunately not real, but, I did weave them together onto a metal ring so that they could sit around the statue nicely. The deer jaw is a creation of my wife, but serves the purpose of animal connectivity to the God at present. The crow feathers are an addition of favor towards crows and ravens themselves, as I believe that despite them being seen mostly as aspects of Oðinn, they are still relative to the overall belief system.


I use this shrine as a way to honor Freyr, my chosen God. Since I am in the military, my ability to honor my Gods/Goddesses is severely limited in way of what I can and cannot do. Keeping a small shrine in my barracks room makes it possible for me to do small observations, and honoring at the appointed times. It also brings comfort to me, that my God (or even Gods) are in my humble home.


How often?

As it is a new shrine for me, I have yet to use it consistently. Not to say that I built it and am now ignoring it, not at all. I work long hours and sleep at odd times, thus my observances are sometimes skewed, or inconsistent so to speak. My veneration of my deities is no less because of this, however, I am ever loyal beyond my being busy.

What are you trying to accomplish?

To maintain a small shrine from which I can honor my chosen God, and all other Gods/Goddesses of the Northern-Panoply. It is simply a moveable shrine for when I go to different barracks, or on deployment (as is the small Shrine-Box that my wife made for me). With on house basing coming up in the next seven months or so, the shrine will of course evolve; I’ll re-post then as well.
Is it for a particular season, holiday, festival?

No, it is not. Not specifically at least, it is for all observances.

Thengill Goðr Freyrsson

Ásatrú – Shrine – Honoring – Alfheimr – Freyr

United States, East-Coast.

You can read his blog at: Ruminations Along the Urweg

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