Forn Sed: Sveriges Asatrosamfund (i.e. The Swe...
The Swedish Asatru Society holding a blót (an Asatru ceremony). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Polytheistic Reconstruction / Revival paths are ones that attempt to revive historical religions, avoiding ‘borrowing’ practices from other traditions whenever possible. Approaches vary, usually involving research and attempts to understand the meaning of ancient practices, adapting them when necessary to modern life.

They include:

Asatru / Heathenism / Germanic Neopaganism

Canaanite Polytheism, following the ancient polytheist traditions of Israel, Palestine, etc.,

Celtic Reconstruction,

Hellenic Polytheism, with the ancient Greek pantheon,

Kemeticism, with the Gods and Goddesses of ancient Egypt,

Roman Polytheism,

and many others, including Slavic, Finnish, and Baltic.

Reconstruction / Revival Shrines are featured here.


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