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Would you like to have a photo featured in ShrineBeautiful? Wonderful! Featured shrines/altars can be beautifully simple, or rich and complex. One or two photos will be fine; we can always do updates. You can take photos of your whole set-up, or concentrate on a specific item or offering.

The rule stuff….

By sending me your photos, you are stating that you own the copyright for them, and you are assigning me a non-exclusive license to post and use them. I will resize, crop, and modify them to load quickly, and stamp the modified photos with a label so the original site can be found if someone  links to it.

Additional material…

The Pagan/Polytheist world is amazingly diverse. One of the goals of ShrineBeautiful is to showcase that diversity, give some context, and provide related links for readers to explore.

You’ll need to tell me how you’d like to list your name and location (country, city, state, or region).

In addition to the photo I’d like some “how?” and “why?” text to go with it. How do you use this sacred space? How often? What are you trying to accomplish? Is it for a particular season, holiday, or festival?   We’ll assume the reader may not be familiar with your particular path, so keep that in mind.

We’ll also need to give a broad ‘path’ category, like eclectic, Wiccan, Asatru, etc., and some free-form tags to give more specific search terms.

If you have a spiritual blog, we can link to it.

Photo quality

ShrineBeautiful is a bit more ‘public’ than a facebook wall, so try to put a little thought and effort into producing a nice photo. One possible resource is Etsy’s Guide to Photography, because they talk about photographing things instead of people or landscapes.

Unsteady, Low Light. Yuck!

Steady now!

If your camera can go on a tripod, use one, especially if the lighting is dim. Otherwise try to use a chair back, pillow, or some other support to keep the camera steady:

Much better with a tripod!

Though really, a photo in good light will help us all see what’s going on:

More Light!

Look carefully and critically…

Our eyes and brains do an amazing job of editing out things that don’t fit our mental picture.

What's wrong?

Keep an eye out for any stray socks or other distracting objects in the background. I can crop the edges of a photo, but if there’s something like that sock that’s right in the middle, it needs to go before the photo is taken. If you need to create a plain backdrop, you can drape a cloth over a framed poster or other solid backing.

File formats:

You can email me photos and descriptive text at helmsinepu @ I’d prefer to get them in raw camera format, or a .png file, rather than a jpg or jpeg. Jpg’s lose quality every time they’re saved, and I’d like to start out with a high-quality image. If your camera only produces jpg’s, go ahead and send them and I’ll have to deal with them. 😉 Gmail has an file attachment size limit of 25mb, so if your files are  large, send them one per email.

Thanks! We all look forward to seeing your shrines!