L’s offering to Kinish Ahau

Mesoamerican Solstice Offering

This is actually a solstice offering to an old Maya sun god, Kinich Ahau. A tiny snippet of history says that that some of his priests would leave offerings for him outside of the temple, and heĀ descendedĀ from the sky in the form of a falcon at high noon to consume the gifts. So I set out the meal and offerings, opened my window, and left the house for a couple hours at midday.

Offerings include: Hot chocolate spiked with vanilla vodka, hard-boiled eggs dyed yellow with herbs, flowers, tobacco and copal (which were burned later), and served on a dish with a yellow corn tortilla.
Path: Still iffy on what to call myself, so maybe just say “Mesoamerican Reconstructionism”?
-L from Los Angeles, CA
English: God G Kinich Ahau

English: God G Kinich Ahau (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


K’in (Photo credit: Travis S.)

English: Sun god Kinich Ahau seated with flares

English: Sun god Kinich Ahau seated with flares (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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  • Josephine

    Very nice! L…how did you dye the egg, and what is the significance? Is it a sun symbol? Thank you for sharing your practice!

    • LoFrequency

      Thanks, Josephine! I died it with stuff I found in my grandmothers cabinet: annato seeds (I may have needed to crush them or something to get a redder color), saffron, and this stuff called Bijol, which is a seasoning and colorant for Mexican dishes (like rice). The egg itself isn't directly associated with the sun I don't think, but this is the beginning of my experimenting with using eggs and other stand-ins for animal sacrifices.