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Spring Equinox Altar

“This festival altar was created to celebrate Spring Equinox. Being that the equinox is all about balance and equality, I chose to reflect this visually. Both my current Divine Pagan Guides, Hecate and the Horned God are given equal standing in the center of the altar. Ritual tools and offerings are positioned symmetrically on both sides of the altar giving it a feeling of balance and completion. Ritually, this provided a wonderful meditation on the meaning of the season.”

On the left is a wand with a quartz point and an ametrine sphere. Clear bowls with salt and water are used for purification. On the right there’s a clear bowl that contains purple sand and a piece of charcoal to burn incense. The bowl next to it contains frankincense and myrrh incense. An athame on the right balances the wand on the left.

The raised section holds a bowl of garnet chips and two skeleton keys as an offering to Hecate, along with a bottle of Hecate incense from the Vodou Store. Meza chose the bell between the two statues because the crescent moon on the handle reminds him of Hecate. In front of that is a bottle of Hecate altar oil, which he uses to anoint the candles. The pentacle tile in the middle is topped by a garnet chip necklace, and surrounded by a citrine chip necklace. The bowl to the right of the Horned God contains an offering for him of citrine chips and a pendant of the god Pan. A bottle of Horned God incense from the Vodou Store, along with the candles, complete this section.

The goblet on the left was an offering of French Berry Lemonade, and there’s an offering of pretzel bread to the right.

I’d like to thank Meza for being the first to share one of his altars with all the descriptions!

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  • Beautiful! Thanks for sending in the first entry!

  • Khenneferitw

    This is gorgeous! I love it when Meza shares altars and shrines on youtube, and it is awesome to see more of it here. 🙂

    Best to you on the project, Helms!

    • I may link some of his videos later, too. And feature some of his Kemetic set-ups.

      • MezaenAset

        It was my pleasure to contribute and an honor to be the first entry! 🙂

  • Soli

    Meza, please share with me where you found that amazing Hekate! You do have quite the touch for finding beautiful stuff.

    • Mezaenaset

      The statues are custom designed by Jeff Cullen Artistry. He does incredible work!

  • lingib

    Really beautiful, Meza! I'm getting so many wonderful ideas for my own permanent shrine. I only have a temporary basic shrine at the moment. 🙂

  • Alanna

    Those statues are stunning! And I love the concept of a balanced altar – you did it so perfectly!

  • Guest

    Wonderful statues – especially the Horned God! Very powerful. 🙂